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Look out for ...

An American composer with a great deal of talent - P Kellach Waddle - has recently been commissioned to write an Organ Concerto, and has over a hundred works in the catalogue listed at his website. There have been over 200 performances of his works on three continents.


Your own CD in Moscow

Composers and soloists starting their career may be interested to know that it's possible to produce their own CD in Russia with the Moscow Philharmonic Orchestra. More information at conductor Vladimir A. Moiseyev's website.


More sheet music

The Music Scores Library is an electronic score publisher with a sizeable library of downloadable sheet music in Adobe Acrobat format (PDF) for multiple instruments. Their catalogue is mostly classical, featuring scores by Bach, Beethoven, Chopin, Debussy, Fauré, Liszt, Mozart and Satie. Scores can be purchased individually for an average of USD 2-3, or a subscription can be purchased for unlimited access. MSL will publish contemporary composers' music on their site for free.

At Sheet Music Online, jazz viola player and composer Will Taylor offers not only a search of over 500,000 titles for virtually any sheet music in print, but to transcribe music not-in-print from a recording! I wonder if this second offer applies to operas? Will (who seems to be collecting domain names and websites) also runs


Analog-encoded in grooves

John Wiser has set up a mailing list Classic Vinyl whose purpose is to search for, buy, sell, trade or discuss classical music on LP records. Info.


UK Sounds

The UKSounds website could be worth a visit - the UK's premier undiscovered talent site. If you're a composer or performer, you could investigate placing some of your music here ... it's free. Composer David Solomons has recently just this, and you can hear three of his pieces on this site (in the classical area as downloadable MP3 files), including Letter to Lydia (words by David Andrew), Prayer To The Virgin (words: Audrey Vaughan) and The Swallows (words: Gourgen Mahari).


The daily review race

Last week we brought your attention to a site publishing daily CD reviews, and this week there's news of another promise of daily content from Len Mullenger, who is hoping to publish a daily review (excepting High Days and Holidays) at Classical/Film Music on the Web (UK). Some reviews will be of live concerts - the remainder being CD reviews. Film music CD reviews will appear on Mondays and Wednesdays. It all happens here.


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If anyone attempts to teach you a tune with the title Join The Crew, do not listen. This is not a traditional jig or a reel but is a Balkan virus in 13/8 whose insidious counter-Celtic rhythms will erase all music in your memory and the memory of anyone who hears it, and replace all of it with random excerpts from Snoop Doggy Dog's greatest hits.

Please warn as many musicians as you can. This is a new virus and not many people know about it. There are reports of sessions in as many as 42 cities (so far) being destroyed by this virus, with up to three hundred former session musicians able only to sit helplessly and look at their mute instruments whilst reciting Snoop Doggy Dog.


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