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Except the Lord build the house ...
Sacred music from St Mary Magdalen, Oxford


Work details

William Lloyd-Webber: Missa Sanctae Mariae Magdelanae
3'12"/5'38"/1'55"/2'32"/0'40" - TT 13'57"
Bob Chilcott: God so loved the world
William Mathias: Laetentur coeli
Peter Phillips: Surgens Jesus
Charles V Stanford: Nunc Dimittis (Service in G major)
Franz Biebl: Ave Maria
Samuel Scheidt: Surrexit Pastor bonus
Felix Mendelssohn-Bartholdy: Hear my prayer
Antony Pitts: There is a green hill far away
Anthony Piccolo: Jesus Christ the apple tree
William Byrd: Magnificat from the Third Service
John Rutter: There is a flower
chant:Malcolm Archer: Psalm 127


Artist details

The Choir of St Mary Magdalen
Voces Sacrae
Judy Martin
, director
Peter Parshall, organ


Recording details

Recorded: 29,30 December 1988, 14 April 1999
Venue: The Chapel of Exeter College Oxford, England
Producer: David Lefeber for Metier Sound & Vision
Engineer: David Lefeber for Metier Sound & Vision
Digital editing: David Lefeber for Metier Sound & Vision
Copyright: 1999 Trustees of St Mary Magdalen, Oxford
Pressing: 1999, Original recording by David Lefeber, Metier Sound & Vision

Metier/St Mary Magdalen College SMM1 DDD Stereo NEW RELEASE
TT - 67'15"


Editorial & Design details

Liner notes: Peter Parshall
Cover design: Peter Parshall and Judy Martin
Cover photo: St Mary Magdalen carved by Sister Angela Solling
Booklet layout: David Lefeber
Acknowledgements: the Rector and Chaplain of Exeter College for kindly granting the use of the Chapel for this recording


Purchase details

Available direct from Peter Parshall, price GBP 14.50 inc p&p, at 4 Allam Street, Jericho, Oxford OX2 6DQ, UK


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