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Roberto Sierra
Concerto Premieres


Work details

Concierto Caribe, for flute & orchestra
5'37"/6'25"/7'17" - TT 19'19"
Of Discoveries, for two guitars and orchestra
7'09"/6'16"/8'00" - TT 21'25"
Concierto Evocativo, for horn and strings
4'07"/7'18"/7'18" - TT 18'43"

Artist details

Bonita Boyd, flute
Joanne Castellani, guitar
Michael Andriaccio, guitar
Eric Ruske, horn
The St Christopher Chamber Orchestra of Lithuania
Arie Lipsky
, conductor


Recording details

Recorded: July and October 1995
Venue: Vilnius, Lithuania
Executive Producers: Joanne Castellani amd Michael Andriaccio
Session Engineers (Lithuania): Vilius Kondrotas and Valdas Kirsys
Mix Engineer (USA): Glenn Bernadis
Editing & Mastering Engineer: David St Onge
Copyright: 1996 Fleur De Son Classics Ltd.
Pressing: 1996 Fleur De Son Classics Ltd.

Fleur De Son FDS 57921 DDD Stereo NEW RELEASE
TT - 59'59"


Editorial & Design details

Liner notes: Edward Yadzinsky
Manufacturing and Graphic Design: Eastern Standard Productions, Inc. USA
Cover photo: Joanne Castellani, Ixtapa, Mexico

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