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Blue Dawn into White Heat


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Vol 1

Jeffrey Brooks: Dreadnought
Gunther Schuller: Blue Dawn into White Heat
Elliott Schwartz: Aerie
David Maslanka: Quintet No 2 for Winds
8'22"/7'34"/7'06" - TT 23'02"
Elliott Schwartz: Reflections
Steven Stucky: Music for the Funeral of Queen Mary

Vol 2

Anthony Plog: Four Sketches for Brass Quintet
1'46"/2'31"/4'20"/3'35" - TT 12'12"
Michael Colgrass: Urban Requiem, for Four Saxophones and Wind Orchestra
Elliott Schwartz: Chiaroscuro: Zebra Variations
John Zdechlik: Hats Off to Thee


Artist details

University of Minnesota Symphonic Wind Ensemble and Friends
Craig Kirchhoff
, conductor
University of Minnesota School of Music Faculty
Bergen Woodwind Quintet


Recording details

Recorded: 1998?
Venue: Ted Mann Concert Hall, University of Minnesota School of Music
Producers: David Hoffman, Craig Kirchhoff, Jerry Luckhardt
Engineer: Nicholas Kereakos
Digital Editing and Mastering: Nicholas Kereakos
Microphones: Breul and Kajer, Neumann, Scheops and AKG
Tapes: 20 bit digital master tapes using Sony's 20 Bit Mapping technology
Bergen Woodwind Quintet instruments: Gro Sandvik uses a flute with a Miyazawa 14K head and a Cooper 9K body with silver Haynes keys (closed holes). Steinar Hannevold performs on a Dupin 310 oboe. Lars Kristian Brynildsen performs on a Buffet Crampon RC Prestige Bb clarinet with a Pomarico No 2 mouthpiece and a Vandoren No 3 reed. Per Hannevold performs on a Fox 601-25 466 bassoon with a Leitzinger M1 Gold bocal. Ilene Chanon performs on a Rauch double horn H187, model 1.
Copyright: 1998 American Composers Forum
Pressing: not specified

American Composers Forum innova 517 DDD Stereo NEW RELEASE
TT - 136'11"


Editorial & Design details

Liner notes: various/uncredited
Design and Production: Chris Strouth for UMod007
Cover painting: Blue and Green Music by Georgia O'Keeffe (1919), Oil on canvas, 58.4x48.3cm, Stieglitz Collection, photograph © The Art Institute of Chicago. All Rights Reserved.
Ted Mann Concert Hall Stage Managers: Sari Baker, John Marty
Made possible by the McKnight Recording Assistance Program of the American Composers Forum
Special thanks to Sari Baker, Linda Fisher, Steve Germana, Brian Handley, David Hoffman, Jerry Luckhardt, John Marty, Michael Osbourne, William Sadler, Alan Stricklin, Fred Wagner, Matthew Winiecki


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