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Romantic Symphonic Music
by Flemish composers
Volume II


Work details

Jef Van Hoof: Symphony No 2 in A flat major
12'10"/5'12"/7'30"/7'39" - TT 32'32"
Lodewijk Mortelmans: Mythe der Lente (1895) (symfonisch gedicht)
The Myth of Spring (Symphonic Poem). Allegretto

Peter Benoit: In de Velden (1869) (Lied voor hobo en strijkorkest)
In the Fields (Song for oboe and string orchestra). Opgewekt - Lively

Arthur Meulemans: Symphony No 7 'Zwaneven' (1940) (Een Heidesymfonie)
'Swan Fen' (A Heathland Symphony)

6'52"/6'35"/10'02"/5'31" - TT 29'02"


Artist details

Joost Gils, oboe
VRT Philharmonic Orchestra
Silveer Van Den Broeck
, conductor


Recording details

Recorded: 24-26 April 1996
Venue: Magdalenzaal, Brussels, Belgium
Producer: Guido Defever
Executive Producer: Luc Brewaeys
Engineer: Jo Tavernier
Copyright: 1999, HNH International Ltd.
Pressing: 1998, HNH International Ltd.

Marco Polo 8.225101 DDD Stereo NEW RELEASE
TT - 74'24"


Editorial & Design details

Liner notes (French): Luc Leytens
English translation: Paul Rans & Nell Race
German translation: Eva Grant
Cover painting: Horses by M P Verneuil (from L'animal dans la décoration)


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