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a Rubinstein miscellany

'For every possible mistake he may have made, he gave, in return, ideas and musical tone pictures that would have made up for a million mistakes. When Rubinsten was over-exact his playing lost something of its wonderful charm' - Sergei Rachmaninov

'Rubinstein's [elemental] temperament is of such compelling force that exhausted Europe yields submissive to his will' - Eduard Hanslick

'... the Christians thought he was a Jew; the Jews thought he was a Christian; the Germans thought he was a Russian; and the Russians took him for a German; the critic said he was a charlatan when he knew that he was a perfectly genuine pianist; pianists said he was a good composer but an indifferent pianist, and composers averred that he was a fine pianist but a bad composer. So he faily to satisfy anybody' - Hermann Wolff (reported by Mark Hambourg)

'... a world-stormer, with a sovereign disregard for conventionality ...' - Josef Hofmann

'... his curious, shambling walk, looking like an old animal ... his downcast, shaggy head ... the shape of his limbs and back. He was like a bear led along on a chain ... until he touched the piano. Then, everything altered. His head was held high in the air, and he assumed a magnificent leonine presence. As soon as his fingers touched the notes, the transition came over his whole personality. His first attack was famous and unforgettable' - Sacheverell Sitwell (who never heard him)

'The Michelangelo of the Piano' - Hans von Bülow



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