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Tafelmusik Baroque Orchestra


Work details

Alster Overture / Suite in F major
5'30"/2'45"/2'02"/2'59"/2'41"/2'10"/3'06"/3'25"/3'22" - TT 28'00"
Burlesque de Don Quixotte
4'14"/2'23"/1'50"/3'30"/1'59"/2'13"/1'04" - TT 17'13"
La Bourse (The Stock Exchange) Suite in B flat major
5'14"/4'26"/3'16"/2'19"/5'02"/1'53" - TT 22'10"


Artist details

Tafelmusik Baroque Orchestra
Jeanne Lamon
, director


Recording details

Recorded: 13,14,15 April 1999
Venue: Grace Church-on-the-Hill, Toronto, Canada
Producer: Mario Labbé
Recording Producer: Brad Michel
Sound engineer: Ingénieur du son: Clive Allen
Copyright: not specified
Pressing: not specified

Analekta fleurs de lys FL 2 3138 NEW RELEASE
TT - 67'49"


Editorial & Design details

Liner notes: Charlotte Nediger
French translation: Jacques-André Houle
Cover painting: Daniel Rabel (1578-1637) 'Larons de nuit' (Night Thieves) detail, nd (Ballet costume). Pen and ink and watercolour over graphite on laid paper. Photographer: Carlo Catenazzi. Art Gallery of Ontario (Gift of Dr Daniel Lowe, 1988)


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