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Marijn Simons

Work details

'Cuddly Animals', Violin Concerto No 1 Op 13
4'40"/4'19"/5'09"/3'45"/6'15" - TT 24'08"
String Quartet No 2 Op 12
9'01"/6'00"/13'16" - TT 28'17"
Capriccio for Stan & Ollie, for nine players, Op 11a
3'49"/3'10"/4'20"/2'53" - TT 14'12"

Artist details

Marijn Simons, violin
Holland Wind Players
Jeroen Weierink, conductor
Mondriaan Quartet

Recording details

Recorded: May 1999 (Quartet), Dec 1998
Venue: Willibrord Studios, Veenendaal, The Netherlands
Producer/Engineer: André Pouwer (Concerto), Niek Wijns
Editing and mastering: Paul Pouwer
Copyright: 1999 Etcetera Record Company BV
Pressing: 1999 Etcetera Record Company BV

Etcetera KTC 1219 DDD Stereo NEW RELEASE
TT - 66'41"

Editorial & Design details

Liner notes: Marijn Simons
French translation: Clémence Comte
German translation: Frans Meens
Cover illustration and design: Artforce, Amsterdam

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