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20th Century Miniatures
Music by Ibert, Tomasi, Milhaud, Poulenc, Villa-Lobos


Work details

Ibert: Cinq Pièces en Trio
1'03"/1'32"/0'50"/2'29"/1'22" - TT 7'16"
Milhaud: Pastorale Op 147
Tomasi: 'Concert Champêtre'
2'10"/1'34"/1'59"/2'49"/1'08" - TT 9'40"
Poulenc: Sonata for clarinet and bassoon
1'47"/2'36"/2'53" - TT 7'16"
Milhaud: Suite d'Après Corrette Op 161b
1'33"/0'27"/0'52"/1'08"/0'41"/0'58"/2'20"/1'02" - TT 9'02"


Artist details

London Wind Trio:
Neil Black
, oboe
Keith Puddy, clarinet
Roger Birnstingl, bassoon


Recording details

Recorded: 1991
Venue: not specified
Producer: Matthew Boyden
Engineer: Richard Millard
Copyright: 1999 SOMM Recordings
Pressing: 1999 SOMM Recordings

Somm SOMMCD 013 DDD Stereo
TT - 58'09"


Editorial & Design details

Liner notes: Peter Avis
French translation: Denys Becher and Nadia Jackson
German translation: Ilse Herlihy
Design and Layout: Keith Oke
Cover painting: A bouquet of Flowers (Paul Fischer) 1860-1934. Private collection. By courtesy of Studio G Lafayette, France


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