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writes from London to his boyhood friend
Wojciech Grzymala in Paris


Good Friday [April 21st 1848]

I crossed the water [English Channel] without much seasickness. But not by the Courier, and not with my new travelling acquaintances, for they had to search, by boat, for the vessel on the sea. So I preferred the ordinary way of travelling, and yesterday arrived here at six [pm], as I had been obliged to rest for a few hours at Folkestone. I had a sleep, and now am writing to you.

The good Erskines [the 'very religious' Scottish Protestant Mrs Katherine and her sister Jane Wilhelmina Stirling, a pupil] have thought of everything, even of chocolate, not only of a lodging - which last, however, I shall change, as since yesterday there is a better one oin their very street for four guineas a week. I am at 10 Bentinck Street, Cavendish Square, but in a few days I shall move to their address: 44 Welbeck Street. They asked me a lot after you. You would not believe how kind they are; I have only just noticed that the paper on which I am writing has my monogram, and I have met with many such little delicate attentions. Today, as it is Good Friday and one can't do anything here, I am going to the intimates of the ex-king [Louis Philippe], who lives outside the town. How did you get home? Did you witness any fighing on the way [a reference to the aftermath of the February Revolution - chronicled so graphically by Berlioz in his Memoirs]? Did you have any success yesterday with the army? Please write, and may God bless you.

Your old CH

- from the translation by the novelist Ethel Lilian Voynich, New York June 1931



The Philharmonia Orchestra


April 21st 1960

the youthful


completes his HMV recording of
Chopin's First Piano Concerto
with Paul Kletzki

'a conscious mastery both of traditions and of novel intuitions'
- Paolo Petazzi, 1999

the 'maestro'


begins his Columbia recording of
Brahms's First Piano Concerto
with Carlo Maria Giulini

'warm, poetic ... culminating in blazing sunlight'
- Joseph Horowitz, 1982 


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