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George Crumb
70th Birthday Album

Work details

Star-Child (1977), a parable for soprano, antiphonal children's voices, male speaking choir, bell ringers and large orchestra
2'16"/8'18"/1'18"/5'48"/2'06"/2'26"/13'21" - TT 35'36"
Mundus Canis, 'A Dog's World' (1998), five humoresques for Guitar and Percussion
2'45"/1'13"/2'37"/1'31"/1'32" - TT 9'41"
Three Early Songs (1947)
2'51"/3'16"/2'24" - TT 8'32"


Artist details

Star Child:

Susan Narucki
, soprano
Joseph Alessi, solo trombone
The Warsaw Boys' Choir
The Warsaw Philharmonic Choir
George Crumb and Paul Cesarczyk
, bell ringers
The Warsaw Philharmonic Orchestra
Thomas Conlin

Mundus Canis:

David Starobin
, guitar
George Crumb, percussion

Three Early Songs:

Ann Crumb
, soprano
George Crumb, piano


Recording details

Recorded: July and August 1998 (Star-Child), October 1998 (Mundus Canis), March 1999 (Three Early Songs)
Venue: Philharmonic Hall, Warsaw, Poland (Star-Child), The American Academy of Arts and Letters, New York City, USA (Star-Child and Mundus Canis), Master Sound Astoria, USA (Three Early Songs)
Producers: David and Becky Starobin
Engineers: Andrzej Sasin and Andrzej Lupa (Star-Child, Warsaw), Tom Luekens (Star-Child, New York), Adam Abeshouse (Mundus Canis), David Merrill (Three Early Songs)
Copyright: 1999 Bridge Records, Inc.
Pressing: 1999 Bridge Records, Inc.

Bridge 9095 DDD Stereo NEW RELEASE
TT - 54'15"


Editorial & Design details

Liner notes: George Crumb
Cover illustration: West Virginia Sun; Arnout Hyde Jr.
Design: Pete Ciccone, Immaculate Concepts


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