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Robert Avalon


Work details

Sonata for Violin and Piano Op 6 (1983)
10'48"/7'20"/2'22" - TT 20'30"
Sonata for Flute and Piano Op 26 (1991)
5'57"/7'47"/6'11" - TT 19'45"
Sextet to Julia de Burgos Op 21 (1989)
6'59"/8'20"/3'44" - TT 19'03"


Artist details

Brian Lewis, violin (Op 6)
Megan Meisenbach, flute (Op 26)
Jonita Lattimore, soprano (Op 21)
Alison Young, flute (Op 21)
Sae Shiragami, vioin (Op 21)
Daniel Strba, viola (Op 21)
David Garrett, cello (Op 21)
Robert Avalon, piano


Recording details

Recorded: 27, 28 August 1998 (Sextet), 15, 16 September 1998 (Sonatas)
Venue: St Luke's United Methodist Church, Houston, Texas, USA
Executive Producer: Victor E Sachse
Producer: Wayne Dockery
Engineer: Andy Bradley of Sugar Hill Studios
Mastering: Rodney Meyers of Sound Engineering
Copyright: 1999 Centaur Records Inc.
Pressing: 1999 Centaur Records Inc.

Centaur CRC2430 DDD Stereo NEW RELEASE
TT - 59'28"


Editorial & Design details

Liner notes: Ben Zuberman and Robert Avalon
Cover design: Rex Spencer and Bob Kennon
Booklet design: Robbin Colgrove
Acknowledgements: Steinway pianos courtesy of the Forshey Piano Company


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