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Invading privacy



Now well into our second year, we are straining at the leash with ideas for our steady development, which is the obvious way to go for a magazine that slowly but surely gathers readers and interest in the material we publish.

Whilst we are unlikely to run out of ideas we welcome reader participation. If you consider that you and your fellow readers need some guidance on any aspect of music please contact us. Or should you wish to recommend our magazine to musical friends you need only give them the URL

Contemplating music globally, there is a vast amount of information and opinion about innumerable aspects of music as a daily experience which has slowly mantled the entire world. Our ears are continuously besieged with sound and/or noise, so choosing the sounds we prefer has become a tussle with uncontrollable sources and types streaming out fundamental noise, which only has some semblance of ordered sound/music if we are sympathetic to the source. To the really sensitive person such invasion of privacy is at times devastating.

Bill Newman. Photo copyright (c) 2000 Keith BramichThe world of music (with a firm exclusion order for 'pop' as an industry) is our arena, providing such mental stimulation from experiences that fill our souls with delight. As a guide to this territory please make sure that we are providing some part of what you need, and that we continue to do so.

We have recently welcomed another writer to our columns, Bill Newman, who has had years of experience with the recording world. He will shortly commence a regular survey of new historical reissues on CD.

So there's always something new for readers, and our magazine thereby becomes a valuable source of information as well as general interest.


Copyright © 16 May 2000 Basil Ramsey, Eastwood, Essex, UK


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