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JOHN LUBBOCK talks to Bill Newman


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Recording jingles with the LSO is also an enjoyable pastime, like the music of his brother, a very talented string arranger for Barbara Streisand and Michael Jackson in Los Angeles. 'We had a couple of pop stars singing and I really loved it because that is what it is all about. He works in the studios all the time and we had a great time. I like performing arrangements with my own orchestra, turning the nobs and quite legitimately creating the music with the machinery.'

Lubbock has also worked with the BBC Scottish and Ulster Orchestras, and the London Mozart Players. 'I did some interesting repertoire like Reger's Hiller Variations recently, Addinsell's Piano Concerto (Philip Fowke), and Kodaly's Menuetto Serio. Resident composers include Dominic Muldowney, Diana Burrell, and John Woolrich - a new work forming part of a CD released by ASV was programmed beforehand in movement series between August 97 and the New Year. I don't want to do it without performances - that's too difficult. The titles are Ulysees Awakes for viola and strings, Midnight Dr Schweitzer, a set of string pieces, Theatre represents a Garden - a kind of twisted Mozart written for Glyndebourne, and Four Arias for high soprano, soprano, mezzo and trio. Performing then recording; it doesn't work out too expensive.' Lubbock's latest addition to his performing roster features the music by the young Irish-American Deidre Gribbin. Hopefully, we shall have a recording as a follow-up.

'I want to contribute to something much broader than the musical life, the nation or place, such as working on a whole project with children expelled from school on the brunt end of existence. Hopefully this is going to make a difference to their lives and will involve them in making a junk orchestra, to include dustbin lids. Music is the medium, but the message can be much more.'


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John Lubbock and the Orchestra of St John's appear at Music in the Abbey,
Dorchester-on-Thames, Oxfordshire, UK, 31 August - 10 September 2000,
featuring music by Bach, Berlioz, Haydn, Mozart, Vaughan Williams, Vivaldi,
A Garland for Linda, and the first UK performance of Touching Euridice
by Raymond Head. Further information from +44 (0)20 8857 8579.


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