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JOHN LUBBOCK talks to Bill Newman


John Lubbock. Photo (c) Richard H SmithThere is a certain stage in any musician's life where he feels the urge to change the routine of globe trotting, or presenting the show on radio and television, for something else. John Lubbock, in charge of the St. John's Orchestra, Smith Square describes it as 'after 30 years, there is a slight feeling of "what have you left behind, where have you been?"'

'We have been doing a lot of education work in England, and that's very nice - working with the children, with the communities. But I have always had that desire that we should be part of a city's life, not just a contribution to the musical world. Like a football team - something representative of the people that they can benefit from.' The City of Oxford, where Lubbock has lived for years, gave his orchestra a sum of money for a pilot year, with additional backing from Southern Arts; other amounts raised from various foundations, trusts and charities. 'For that first year we did community and education projects, taking part in the Contemporary Music Festival with 4-5 concerts. We retained our name, also our base in London, and we were presented with an office plus all the machinery to run it, plus much support in kind, like printing and advertising. Until recently, music here has remained an orthodox, middle-class pastime. Now we have to spread it, considerably.'

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