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Christmas again


A message from Editor BASIL RAMSEY
to all reading at this time


Thank you!

to all those who have helped with
Music & Vision in some way
during the year 2000 :

Mark Anderson
Robert Anderson
Viorel Anton
Peter Aston
Clive Barda
Howard Bates
Isabelle Battioni
Ann Bond
Shirley & Ivor Bramich
Lyn Burns
Colm Carey
Chamber Music America
Oscar Clark
Val Clover
Peter Dale
Hilary Davan Wetton
Peter Dickinson
Stella Dickinson
Roderic Dunnett
Peter Earl
The Emerson Quartet
Jim Eninger
Barry Ferguson
Fabrizio Ferrari
Richard Fidler
Joshua Fried
Shona Galletly
Richard Graves
Andreas Groethuysen
The Ivor Gurney Society                        
Ed Hargrave
Dominic Hargreaves
Trevor Hold
Douglas Hollick
Iceland Music Information Centre
Benjamin Ivry
Peter Jakobsson
Jeffrey James
Dr Anders Johansson
Emma Johnson
Martin Jones
Igor Kipnis
Richard Krause
Andrew Lance
Elisabeth Lang Brown
Angela Lear
Ian Letters
Peter Lundin
James MacMillan
Monica and John McCabe
Wilfrid Mellers
Francis Menotti
Gian Carlo Menotti
Malcolm Miller
Margaret Murphy
Bill Newman
Ted Norrish
Christina O'Hart
Michael Oliva
Ates Orga
Jennifer Paull
Libor Pesek
David Ponsford
Nick Prag
Janis Purins
Shirley Ratcliffe
Sheila Rock
Margarete Rolle
Gordon Rumson
Murray Schafer
Robert Secret
John Shea
Adriana Soaita
Simon Spencer
Patric Standford
Yaara Tal
Jeff Talman
Michael Uis
Mark Valencia
George Vass
Anthony Walters
Cheralyn Watson
Gillian Weir
Franz Welser-Möst
David Wilkins
Adrian Williams
Tei Williams
Claire Willis
John Bell Young
Justin Zaza

A further thankyou list was
published in December 1999

It is Christmas again -- so soon, as many people say with disbelief, and some with trepidation. The years appear to shrink as we move forward, with puzzled feelings as we look back. I take the view that life in general becomes increasingly frenetic, which in itself turns day-to-day living into a blur of events. Time appears to vanish into the past with ever-increasing momentum. Some of us feel disturbed and even disorientated.

There is little that we average folk can do, except to take a grip on facts rather than fiction. But if Music is in our lives, let it take an increasing part as food for the soul. It inhabits a special zone. So many people can testify to the profound influence that the sounds of music have on their well being, both mind and body. And a minority will argue that without music life loses much of its savour.

I veer now from music itself to our internet magazine, for which there's a good reason. Every day for two years now we have published Music & Vision to provide a regular assortment of writing about music. From the statistics available we have experienced an eight-fold increase in the monthly tally of page clicks, a rate that steadily increases every month.

We shall start 2001 in anticipation that this momentum will be maintained, which encourages some enlargement of our daily output, although we will refrain from over indulgence. Our CD browser pages are now redesigned, and easier to read and use by potential buyers. All editors look for readership involvement, so if the invitation to tell us how you feel about Music & Vision is accepted, it will be welcomed and acknowledged.

Our devotion to this magazine's development and to the thousands of its readers and contributors never diminishes. Music is endlessly fascinating; music touches every living soul in some way; musical invention is as active as ever; and music as a creative art remains undiminished.

Enjoy Christmas and anticipate a good new year.

Basil Ramsey





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Copyright © 25 December 2000 Basil Ramsey, Eastwood, Essex, UK




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