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The passing of this year has been the quickest ever for Ates Orga, Keith Bramich and myself. In a few days' time Music & Vision will have appeared with some new content on each of the 365 days of the year. Now we prepare for not only another year but the 21st century. All of this has an enormous dimension. To grasp it fully and to comprehend it fully is another matter, and we mortals may be forgiven for shrinking a little inside ourselves. Mankind's challenges are now unavoidable, so ways of surmounting them will require immense courage. The Arts provide a glorious diversion to those of us who have chosen this way to enrich our lives. So let Music & Vision play a regular part in bringing you a diversity of thoughts and opinion on the ever-increasing global interest for music that has relevance and sustenance.

We give our deepest thanks to all those who have contributed in whatever way to making Music & Vision a success through 365 daily editions. It is simply astonishing and wonderful to have seen it happen.

Everyone who has contributed by assisting this magazine's daily appearance is listed here. They are legion and receive our most grateful thanks.

Maybe some of you will now expect a peep at astonishing plans for the year 2000. Not so, except to promise a year full of musical nourishment and a perpetual watch for the ever-expanding internet to initiate new ideas and techniques. Some of these will prove of use in adding value to the interaction of Music & Vision and its readers.

Our principal task remains the publication of words on music. A special invitation is given to those anywhere in the world who have knowledge about music - in the worthiest sense - and can write about those tributaries from the mainstream of music that are fruitful yet easily overlooked.

Personal contact with us, usually by email, is increasing and we encourage letters. There is usually a small delay if answers require some thought or even research. But do keep in touch, and also send letters for publication should you have the urge, whether they are fuelled by excitement or good solid anger. Our hides get thicker by the day so you are unlikely to penetrate too far. We'll take the risk.

A very merry Christmas to all our readers.

Basil Ramsey, 25 December 1999



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