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Another selection of letters from readers. As usual, we welcome your feedback.

From: Cheralyn Watson
I just read Richard Fidler's article about seeing and hearing at concerts. A good article - one that makes several points that should be obvious but aren't often considered. As a violinist, I'm used to the sound of an orchestra from sitting in the violin section, a sound that never appears on a CD or anywhere in the concert hall. And, although I won't disagree with his assertion that you don't need to see the performance to hear it, I do find it beneficial to watch the performers. The physicality of actually performing the music adds a great deal to the concert experience - not the movements of the conductor, but of the instrumentalists.
From: Laurence Hughes
I enjoy receiving your excellent e-zine, and value the interesting articles and the information you provide. Imagine my delight when I saw the mention of a BBC project for composers to provide weekly cantatas in emulation of Bach. This is the sort of challenge that I and many other composers would greatly relish. So I rushed to look at the item and see how I could hopefully get involved - only to find that five composers had already been 'chosen' (how was not stated) and given the commissions, and that the rest of us could see the results of this project on TV in the Spring! Isn't this so very typical of the way the musical establishment works in this country? [UK] A marvellous idea, which could have been a great opportunity for less well known composers if they'd been given a chance to submit proposals, not only isn't thrown open to them - we don't even hear about it until it has all been conveniently 'sewn up'! There is a handful of 'leading' composers in this country who, whatever their undoubted talents, are favoured by the 'powers that be' in the BBC, while the rest have to survive any old how. This really can't be right. Surely resources could be distributed a little more equitably? Of course people will say, 'this is just sour grapes' - and in a way, they're right! But what else can you expect the hundreds of little-known composers bashing away in the UK at the moment to feel about this sort of thing? (I'm sure I'm not speaking only for myself). With the start of a new millennium, dare we hope for a little more openness and fairness from those who 'administer' new music - or am I being hopelessly idealistic?
From: Seth Williamson
I love the 'zine and I wish you guys the best of luck. You are the best thing to happen to classical music on the web since I've been online. Many happy years to come to you.
From: Tjako van Schie
Just thought to let you know of our new 'Write a fugue contest'. This contest is open for all amateurs and professionals who love to write music. The goal is to make a fugue on a given theme which will be published on my site, in order to commemorate J.S. Bach. All info on this new contest can be found on my site: I do hope you will mention this contest in your beautiful Music & Vision site as well! With best wishes, Tjako van Schie
From: Keith Comfort
Thanks for your wonderful online classical music ezine!

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