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To mark a whole year's worth of Site Seeing articles, we look both forwards and backwards - inwards and outwards - at some new websites, and at some of Music & Vision's articles from 1999. First, something new ...



Attacca is a recently launched Real Audio service, netcasting 500 years of classical compositions, complete and without advertising, and available on demand 24 hours per day. You can listen with a Real Player (or compatible streaming media player). [Listen now, whilst reading this.]



A few weeks ago we featured a new page of music links from the Netherlands, fascinating because it contained an expanded section of links to Dutch music sites. This week it's the turn of something similar from Belgium - Planet Internet's Muziekkanaal - klassieklinks. I found many sites here which were new to me.

Search - a web directory - has a classical music section called the Classical Music Cube which made a brief appearance in the early days of Site Seeing. Don't miss the link to their Modern (20th century) music page. There's also some classical content on their main music page.

Nittany Valley Symphony web site users have a page of links to classical music sites on the net - including lots of orchestras. Most of these links are in the USA or Canada.


Contemporary music on tour

The CMN Tours website provides a guide to the current season's Contemporary Music Network Tours in the UK, including sound clips. For a fun visit, make sure your browser has Flash and Realplayer plugins, plus an MP3 player, and choose the Flash version of this site.


San Diego Symphony

Under the leadership of its Artistic Director Jung-Ho Pak, the San Diego Symphony 's primary season is October through to May, during which time it produces eight subscription concert series, which means that there's plenty of music left in the current season. The Pak's Picks section recommends fine recordings ...


St Martin-in-the-Fields

Whether or not you've ever visited the Nelson's column and lions of London's Trafalgar Square, you'll probably have heard of St Martin-in-the-fields, made famous by Neville Marriner and the Academy. St Martin's now has a website, with details of the church and (currently) the coming three months of concert listings. A prize should be available for those who can spot a concert not billed as 'by candlelight'.


That's nearly your lot, as far as new sites are concerned in 1999, so now let's move on to the retrospective part of today's entertainment to look back at Music & Vision's first year. I can only mention a few highlights since there's so much, and I'll try to concentrate on material from earlier in the year, which you may have missed. Everything is still on-line, though, and we'll bring articles from 1999 to your attention in the future, whenever appropriate.

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