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Wilfrid Mellers

After launching our magazine with his harmony feature in January and February, Emeritus Professor Wilfrid Mellers has become a regular contributor to our pages, with book and CD reviews - many of which have turned into mini essays about various aspects of music. Here's a complete list of his contributions so far :

Wilfrid Mellers at Music & Vision

Stringent Economy (Satie ballets CD review)

The Mini-master (Satie book review)

Baroque Sound-Bites (book and CD review)

The Gentleman (Thomas Campion CD Review)

Nature and Nurture (Janácek CD review)

'Then and Now' - Villon to Rabelais (CD review)

Czech music (Fibich symphonies CD review)

English Country Tunes (Finnissy CD review)

Harmony - functional and dysfunctional (long feature)


Rumson's composers

Canadian pianist and composer Gordon Rumson has been exploring various composers, including Wilfrid Mellers, and, more recently, the very aged (and surprisingly youthful looking) American composer Leo Ornstein.


From Pianola to Reproducing Piano

Earlier in the year, Ates Orga provided a very informative series of articles entitled Pianola to Reproducing Piano - a Plaine and Easie Introduction. and beginning with the intriguing title Rhapsodies in Wrapping Paper ...


Organist dislikes muzak

At the start of 1999, Dame Gillian Weir wrote for Music & Vision about Aspects of Vision, and I'm reminded of this by the recent BBC Radio 3 interview with Joan Bakewell (23 December 1999), in which Gillian talked about, amongst other things, her childhood in New Zealand, her early training as a pianist and her outspoken dislike of 'muzak', in all its forms.


Fast-track graduation

It's an appropriate time to mention again Peter's Dale's excellent series of articles published here during the summer - the Survivor's Guide to 20th Century Music - a fast track graduation course in making your peace with the music of our time and in sweeping the house clean for the next millennium.

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