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You could be forgiven for missing the announcement on 25 December of Music & Vision's new search facility (provided by Freefind). One of the 'presents' under our Christmas tree, this search box now allows you to find words from about 500 pages worth of information at this site.


and finally ...

You may have noticed Music & Vision's colourful and intriguing background pictures which come from all over the world - in fact they've become part of the fascination visiting M&V daily. If you enjoy them, thanks are due to their creator, architect Adriana Soaita.

What of the future? Jeff Talman (whose fascinating article - The Sound of Spaces appeared recently) will be writing regularly on music technology and the arts, Adrian Williams is back with more from Tokyo, and most of our regular series will be continuing well into the New Year.

I can't believe that during a whole year of Site Seeing articles, we've never visited the Salzburg Festival, Carnegie Hall, Vienna's Konzerthaus (with details of the famous New Year's Day concert) or (apart from a very brief mention) the London Symphony Orchestra. But there's little time left to put this right now, since it's holiday time - Happy New Year to you all!


Copyright © Keith Bramich, December 28th 1999


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We featured the following special topics during 1999:

Stars of World Music (with Daniel Rowe)
The Emerald Isle
Computer Music Toys
 Music Festivals 
 Choirs and choral music 
 Composers on the web 
 Opera on the web
 University music departments and scholarly music sites 
 Music Glossaries 
 Folk Music 
 MIDI File Wars! 
 Music Mailing Lists 
 Music Newsgroups 
 The Lied and Song Texts Page (with Mark Valencia)
 Composers' Collectives 
 Online Concert Listings 
 Music Information Centres  

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