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This week we leave the glitzy world of banner advertising, on-line CD sales and referral schemes to visit the rarefied environments of the universities, and their music departments.

A list of Scholarly Music Resources is provided by Professor William I. Bauer at Ball State University.

The Society for Music Theory website contains lots of scholarly information, including their journal - Music Theory Online. Typical articles are '"Schenkerian-Schoenbergian Analysis" and Hidden Repetition in the Opening Movement of Beethoven's Piano Sonata Op.10, No. 1' and 'Hans Rott (1858-1884) -- the missing link between Bruckner and Mahler'.

An Ethnomusicology Guide is published by the University of Maryland Libraries - useful as a starting point for world music and ethnomusicology research.

RILM is the Répertoire International de Littérature Musicale with a searchable on-line database. Searching is not free - visitors can either pay per search or buy an online subscription.

Yahoo have an alphabetical list of University Music Departments, although the Royal Holloway link below is more comprehensive and better organised. The Open Directory project's Arts:Music:Education area provides an interesting list of sites to explore.

Royal Holloway Music Department's 'Golden Pages' is a classified set of links to music resources on the web, including comprehensive sections on music journals, news services and dissertation abstracts in music. This links collection is well worth a look, and their international list of University and college music department and faculty home pages is a marvellous springboard from which to begin your own journey through the world's University Music Departments.

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