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I is for the Iceland Symphony Orchestra, for the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra, for the ICTUS Ensemble, and for I Fagiolini, a vocal group specialising in secular renaissance music whose name (in Italian) means 'The Little Beans'. I, of course, is also for Italy.

Jis for Leos Janácek, Jazz Online, Wilfred Josephs and John Joubert.

K is for Kanada's Classical and Contemporary Composers (an alphabetical list), Leon Kirschner, Klassik Online, Klassiknet,  Oliver KnussenZoltán Kodály and Kurt Nemes' Musical Almanac.

Lis for Lake Washington New Music Centre, for Lassus, George Lloyd, the London Symphony Orchestra, Thomas Oboe Lee (with a competition to win a free CD on this page) and LucyScale Developments.  

M is for John McCabe, Meet the Composer, Musical America, MIDI Music Festival, Music Search, Music & Vision, Music Timeline, La Musique Petite (a monthly showcase for composers) and the Muttmusic Consortium.

Nis for Nadia Boulanger Remembered - Albert Alan Owen's personal memories, for Net Notes - Seth Williamson's excellent reviews of music websites, for NewKlassical, for the New York Philharmonic Orchestra and the New Zealand Symphony Orchestra.  

Ois for composers Michael Omer (his Music to Picture company), Albert Alan Owen and Terry Winter Owens, and also for OperaGlass, an opera information server.

Pis for the Performing Right Society (UK), for the Pine Mountain Music Festival, Jacqueline du Pré, the Presteigne Festival of Music and the Arts and for conductor and composer Kevin Purcell.   

Qis for Johann Joachim Quantz (biography in French), for Roger Quilter and The Queen of Spades, the quickstep and the quodlibet :) ... also for the Q in P.D.Q. Bach!


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