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A is for Acoustic Digest, for, the complete guide to the Alexander Technique, for Almanac - significant dates in classical music, for Amoris International, the website of Oboe d'Amore expert Jennifer Paull, and also for, Mark Parella's large concert music directory.

B is for, for Berlin Philharmonic , Boosey and Hawkes and the Boyan Ensemble from Kiev - 'such soft control, such delicate high singing, such intense precision of harmony'. B is also for Bloopers - Andrew Levin's amusing collection of student mistakes! British Choirs on the Net lists all known British Choral websites. B is for Birthday and for a website which features composers on their birthdays.

Cis for Classical, and everything seems to begin with that: Classical Artists Worldwide; Classical Insites; Classical Is Cool!; André Jute's Classical Jukebox; the Classical Music Cube; Len Mullenger's Classical Music on the Web (UK); Paul Baker's Classical Music on the Web (US); Matt Boynick's Classical Music Pages; Dave Lampson's Classical Net;  C is also for Chinese Music

DD is for Dallas Opera, for the Hungarian composer Gábor Darvas, for Davidsbündler and the march against the Philistines, led by Robert Schumann. D is for Decca, (Christ Church Cathedral) Dublin, Duruflé and Dvorák. D is also for disaster, a concert disaster story website!

E is for Werner Egk, Elgar, Enescu, Evelyn Glennie, for the European American Music Distributors corporation and for Ellisif's Music & Dance page .


F is for Fanfare - the magazine for serious record collectors, for Festival Nord Bourgogne , César Franck and for the composers' collective Frog Peak Music.


Gis for Carlo Gesualdo, Percy Grainger, Edvard Grieg, for Gramofile - a database of over 24,000 Gramophone magazine reviews which go back to March 1983, and for GuitarLand .


H is for Bernard Herrmann, the Hexagon Ensemble (winds and piano in the Netherlands), for Hoffnung, Holst, Honegger, Howarth of London (oboe makers and woodwind specialists) and the Harmony House online music store. Oh, and H is also for Hamsters! :)

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