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Camilleri/Music for Clarinets, Violin and Piano

Work details

Trio 'New York' for clarinet, violin and piano
3'58"/4'34"/2'35" - TT 11'07"
Divertimento No 1 for 2 clarinets and piano (Hommage a' Manuel de Falla)
2'30"/2'51"/2'31" - TT 7'52"
Sarajevo 99 for clarinet and piano
Tibet for 2 clarinets
Sonatina for clarinet and piano
4'00"/4'44"/3'33" - TT 12'17"
Orbits for clarinet solo
1'01"/0'18"/0'43"/0'22"/0'51"/0'27"/0'26"/0'32"/0'28"/0'25"/1'51"/1'19" - TT 8'43"
American Portraits for 2 clarinets
1'39"/3'54"/1'26"/1'55" - TT 8'54"


Artist details

David Campbell, clarinet
Godfrey Mifsud, clarinet (Divertimento, Tibet and American Portraits only)
Susanne Stanzeleit, violin
Julian Jacobson, piano


Recording details

Recording dates: Not known
Venue: Not known
Producer: Gary Skyrme
Engineer: Richard Hughes
Assistant Engineer: Carsten Wergin
Copyright: 2000 Meridian Records
Pressing: 2000 Meridian Records

Meridian CDE 84407 DDD Stereo NEW RELEASE
TT - 62'51"


Editorial & Design details

Liner notes: Not credited (in English)
Cover design: casmara RED
Publishers: Metropolis Music Publishing Co, Belgium


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