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Camilleri on record,

Meridian    CDE 84407

Camilleri - Music for Clarinets, Violin and Piano (c) 2000 Meridian Records


The Maltese composer Charles Camilleri usually finds his music recorded in categories, which is like a meal in a can rather than set out on a plate. This compilation is mostly that which has come into being as a mark of respect to his clarinettist friend David Campbell. But variety is paramount, so the mix has enough to accommodate a listener's ears for the total duration of nearly 62 minutes -clarinet solo, two clarinets, clarinet and piano, clarinet, violin and piano, two clarinets and piano.

Those without previous knowledge of Camilleri's music will discover that plentiful colour and much textural variety keeps the ears alert to development, or conversely a deliberate stasis as elements remain almost motionless will be experienced in other pieces. Camilleri composes as the mood dictates, so a fascinating range of music is discovered [listen -- track 3, 1:00-1:45]. My ears caught delicate responses to external events, reflecting on two indigenous instruments with unusual sonorities in Tibet for two clarinets, and the tension of Sarajevo 99 with clarinet and piano [listen -- track 7, 1:10-2:10].

These performers recreate the essential spirit of the music, which makes for authentic performance and an opportunity to enter its specific soundworld.


Copyright © 7 March 2001 Basil Ramsey, Eastwood, Essex, UK






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