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'Looking to find background on The Polish State Opera of Wroclaw, I found your interesting site for the first time. I have now added it to the list of music websites on the Plymouth Classical Music Concert Diary website  I hope you will consider adding a link to my site from your own links page. Please take a look at my website, independent and unsubsidised, and see what you think. Many thanks. Roger Viles'

'Hi Roger, We've returned your link -- thanks very much for the suggestion. I'll have a look at your site and hopefully feature it in 'Site seeing', our Tuesday website review column ... Best wishes, Keith Bramich (technical editor)'


Every time I add a new site to M&V's links page I get a twinge of irritation because never, in over two years of operation, have we improved the temporary links page which was put up when we launched the magazine. As Roger, and before him, a steady stream of other people contact us and ask for links, we've continually added new sites to the bottom of an ever-lengthening rag bag of unsorted links, knowing how useless it must be to anyone trying to find anything! Compare the links page on Roger's useful and well laid out site (via the link above) with M&V's current offering -- I'm sure you'll see what I mean.

Finally I've pushed myself into doing something about this, and so we're proud to announce the very beginning of a more useful links database, to be generally available in a few days' time. Roger asked us for feedback, and I'd like to ask you for the same.

Have a look, and feel free to add links to your favourite sites if you find they're missing -- you'll find a link at the bottom of the page for this. Not the bees knees, as links pages or directories go, but we're still working on it -- transferring across the links from our old page and testing the existing links -- and we promise to make it more comprehensive and easier to navigate very soon ...


Copyright © 27 March 2001 Keith Bramich, Ludlow, Shropshire, UK


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