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Date: 1 Apr 2002 01:51:20 AFT
Subject: Want a FREE orchestra, and some pieces to go with it??

Imagine getting a piece of a major European conservatoire, and its FREE
Unlike other programs offered in the past THIS concert is FREE!! This 
company is giving away FREE fans with flight miles on any 
job, merchandise points, and more - all FREE.  And they're 
giving away millions of lei to those who refer new composers.

Now for the good part: 
For each person you refer, who is issued a job
YOU receive 17841 dollars
YOU receive 17841 dollars for everyone they refer
This 17841 dollars is paid on every level through 10-levels

There are no application FEES!!
No Annual FEES!!
If card balance is paid within 25 days
of statement date there is no interest CHARGED!!
To Opt-in to receive more info, just click reply and 
Be sure to type "FREE" in the subject box.
To insure that your request gets a prompt reply,
please include your name and phone #.

This message has been sent to you 
by an independent Orchestral Cathedral organ Special affiliate.



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