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John Hill Hewitt

Benjamin Tubb's Public Domain Music site is packed with information about various little known American composers, including John Hill Hewitt (1801-1890). Music is provided in MIDI format, with extensive examples of Hewitt's songs and a whole comic opera, Rip Van Winkle. There's no real musical interpretation, though -- the notes have been scanned from manuscript, so it all sounds rather wooden. How about some real performances?


Terry Winter Owens

The composer writes that this Elegy for the Nephew of Prince Mukhransky, recorded at a live concert by Duo 46 in Istanbul, is in a modal idiom, different in style to her more usual concert music. There's little or no music available for download from Owens' website, but this simple and rather beautiful piece for violin and guitar is available for streaming or download in MP3 format from the Duo 46 page.


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