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MV3 -- Gordon Rumson and Keith Bramich visit the world of music online

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MV3 is Music & Vision's monthly column featuring online music in a variety of formats. Each month, normally on the first Monday, Gordon Rumson and Keith Bramich visit a different selection of sites.

Read the latest MV3 feature (and follow the links at the ends of the pages to read back through the monthly articles) or browse through the links below, which take you directly to the review paragraph for each person or site. Complete our online form if you'd like us to consider your website or your music for review.

Special features :


Media formats

Self-promotion and the web

The sites that have no names...Thankfully

Fragments of forgotten sounds - Gordon Rumson's world tour


Those we have visited include :

David Arditti

Robert Avalon

Paul Badura Skoda: Pianist and Scholar

Carson Cooman

Jörg Demus


A Hanns Eisler real audio tour

Alexander Feht

Hugh Flynn: Composer

Albert Frantz

John Grant

Stephen Hansen Smythe: Composer

John Hill Hewitt

Robert Hugill

Huygens-Fokker Foundation - Centre for Microtonal Music

Jan Järvlepp

Robert Jordahl

Angela Lear: Concert Pianist

Mona Lisa Sound

Leo Ornstein: Composer

Terry Winter Owens

Wallace De Pue

Allan Rae: Composer

Juozas Rimas

Serafino Piano Trio

Alex Shapiro

Rivka Stern

Peter Taussig

Utter Disdain

Mats Wendt: Eddan: The Invincible Sword of the ElvSmith


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