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Alexander Sapozhnikov is director of the Moscow-based Cyberprofit electronic music publishers , creators of a new portal for classical music. Based initially on Russian performers and resources, DiscoverClassics is planned as a high quality and reliable international portal for classical music recordings and related products and services.

The site provides downloads, its own streaming RealAudio radio station, information about featured composers and artists, and virtual masterclasses. All these have been done before, of course, but maybe this new Russian mix will be a success? Sapozhnikov and friends are keen to forge partnerships in other countries to help them develop and promote the site internationally -- maybe you can help?

Have a look -- the first pass of the site is up and running. Young Russian organist Anastasia Sidelnikova is the current featured performer, and DiscoverClassics radio is playing ...


Peter Taussig

When Canadian pianist Peter Elyakim Taussig lost the ability to play with his right hand due to carpal tunnel syndrome and arthritis, he began using acoustic pianos controlled via MIDI from a computer to allow him to sculpt realistic sounding performances.

Bach's Art of Fugue sounds crystal clear, with voices separated in a way that couldn't be achieved by a human performer without computer help.

Taussig's CDs are reasonably priced, and you can hear samples in MP3 or Real Audio online.


Alexander Feht

Siberia-born composer Alexander Feht now lives in the USA. His new CD Demon comprises shorter pieces in a traditional style for voice and piano, and you'll find sound samples and free track downloads available at and -- follow the link from Feht's main page. From the evidence of these samples, this is an interesting CD containing good performances of rather beautiful songs.


Gordon is currently on holiday, but both he and I will be back next month with more online music.


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