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on a tour of some of the fragments of forgotten sounds

Dedicated to the ultimate hitchhiker --
Douglas Noel Adams


Last month we visited ancient cultures across the Web in search of music. We found some fragments, some remnants and some magic. This month we shall go in search of our quarry again drawing closer to the present and much more likely to catch hold of something substantial...

I have often wondered at the human desire to roam. Across mountains, deserts, oceans until the last fragment of the earth has felt the tread of human feet. Now those who are dissatisfied with the Earth hope we might pack up and jump to another planet. In fact, Buckminster Fuller, the scientist and design engineer, who believed that humans evolved in the South Pacific believed that we have spread out from those atolls across the land ever westward until we reached ... California, when we will be ready to take a leap into space!



For reasons obscure to me humans emigrated from Africa and decided to cross the vastness of Asia to reach China. Once established in China one of the earliest cultures thrived.

The Gallery of China has many articles and audio files of interest covering ancient and recent music. But you'll need TRUESPEECH Player or Microsoft Media Player to hear the files ...

For an interesting, but sadly silent connection, Theresa Mitsopoulou: Tour Guide, Author and Lecturer suggests the similarity of Greek and Chinese culture. She cites two ancient musical instruments, some ships and more at:

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