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A bit about the forefront ...

It's always a little disconcerting when the people committed most to change and development ride the rear of the bus rather than lead the charge (a mixed metaphor that!). But the musical avant garde is not really well represented in my mind across the Net. The garage bands and lone musical magus are more likely to be found than the composers, ensembles committed to pushing the limits of musical understanding and style. So, to all you out there, futurist, post modern, post-post-modern, or whatever the current lingo is, let's hear some sounds!



Seattle based group of industrial strength noise and avant-garde music. Taking their lead from the old Futurists, they play music of the then modern, now older world. Still expressive and potent.



Seems interesting. Someone else might have the patience to wait for the file to download. I don't. But let me know if anything interesting comes in...



Some very odd material. Don't say I didn't warn you. It's interesting how rock music and classical art music have converged at the electronic level. At least it seems to me that the electro-acoustic avant-garde are not distinguishable save that the rocker descended might have a bit of a tendency to add a back-beat...The site's out of date so I wonder what's up...


Antenna Internet Radio presents Le Vide with Davey Schmitt

Here's some really interesting 'music'. Try some of this out. A regular radio show...


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