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I went. I saw. I couldn't listen. Does anyone know what this is about? Anyone interested in a mystery? Probably underground music ...


Michael Habermann

For those who might not know, and I fear there may be some, Michael Habermann is one of this generation's pianistic super-virtuosos, fully the equal of the more celebrated Marc André Hamelin. Dr Habermann was born in Paris, has lived in Canada, Mexico and currently the United States and was one of the first pianists (perhaps the first) to gain Kaikhosru Shapurji Sorabji's permission to perform those mystic, legendary and virtually unplayable works. And play them Dr Habermann does -- with total command and profound musicianship. In my estimation Dr Habermann's performances most deeply plumb the hazy mystic depths of Sorabji's music -- depths which border on the intoxicated -- in the manner of the spiritually wine drenched Sufis.

This website is devoted to Dr Habermann's career and activities. There are long NPR broadcast interviews in audio here, but no selections from the CDs (of which there are several). We can only hope that some examples will shortly be posted. Here is one of the foremost pianists of our time.


Roy Buckle

For whatever reason I'm always interested in those whose musical trajectories are not quite the norm. Here's a site with a very interesting collection of songs based on Thomas Hardy; the songs are provided with detailed historical and biographical information. Very striking. I
encourage people to investigate. The site is very well presented and the sound files very good (some MIDI and others audio). And did I mention that the music is very fine?


Jerry A Green: Composer

Sousa lives! The March of the American Heroes available for download here is entirely in that manner. Effective, but not necessarily my idea of a fitting tribute. But then I don't roam in the world of marching bands and am also not an American -- both facts which mean nothing to an appreciation of the music. So here's something for those who do, or who are. The composer is very clear that his work is free for performance. This is most fitting. The composition Wake the Neighbors for percussion trio made No 1 on the percussion charts of and is an effective marching band style percussion excursion.


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