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The Editor attempts to thread a few thoughts together
as a thunderous year draws to a close


Thank you!

to all those who have helped with
Music & Vision in some way
during the year 2001 :

Kirsten Agresta
Mark Anderson
Robert Anderson
Tamim Ansary
Viorel Anton
David Arditti
Natalie Artemas-Polak
Juliet Averay
Howard Bates
Margaret Bearfoot
Piet Bendtsen
Ann Bond
Mark Bramich
Shirley & Ivor Bramich
Gwenneth Bransby-Zachary
Erin Bransford
Lyn Burns
Charles Camilleri
Joanne Chang
Val Clover
Tom Connor
Paul Corneil
Bernard Coutaz
Peter Dale
Peter Dickinson
Stella Dickinson
Roderic Dunnett
Peter Earl
Jim Eninger
Patty Esfandiari
Gerald Fenech
Barry Ferguson
Fabrizio Ferrari
Alan Mackay Fletcher
Betsy Furth
Shona Galletly
Thomas Georgi
Emily Gray
Ross Hardter
Ed Hargrave
Veronica Henderson
Trevor Hold
Douglas Hollick
Peter Howell
Julia Ionides
Yuri Izawa
Peter Jakobsson
Jeffrey James
Dr Anders Johansson
Emma Johnson
Martin Jones
Robert Jordahl
Igor Kipnis
Fred Koch
Adam Koslofsky
Ira Kraemer
Richard Krause
Philip Lancaster
Charlotte Langen
Brenda Lynne Leach
Tracy Lees
Ian Letters
Chenyin Li
Andrew Lucas
Henry Luo
James MacMillan
Henry Maurer
Marilee Mortarotti
          Monica & John McCabe          
Gerry McColl
David McKay
Wilfrid Mellers
Francis Menotti
Gian Carlo Menotti
Malcolm Miller
Dave Morrison
Len Mullenger
Margaret Murphy
Vit Nermut
Chad Neuman
Bill Newman
Ted Norrish
Christina O'Hart
Ben Palmer
David Patrick
Jennifer Paull
David Ponsford
Nick Prag
Liz Racster
Shirley Ratcliffe
Grace Rhee
Sheila Rock
Margarete Rolle
Gordon Rumson
Robert Secret
Ronald Senator
Dan Shea
Dennis Siebert
Howard Smith
Marjorie & David Smith
Adriana Soaita
David Solomons
Patric Standford
David Thompson
Michael Uis
Nicole & Mark Valencia
Christine Villinger
Anthony Walters
Cheralyn Watson
Gillian Weir
David Wilkins
Adrian Williams
Tei Williams
Claire Willis
Brian Wise
John Bell Young

This is a long but not exhaustive list -- apologies if we have forgotten you. Further thankyou lists have been published at the ends of previous years.

Christmas presents



Time has overtaken our thoughts as ever, and the season of Christmas is making its annual dash through our lives as a new year limbers up to take control on 1 January 2002. What will it bring? What does any new year bring other than a mixture of the good and the not-so-good for us to blend and mix to the extent of our fortitude?

A daily repetition of life geared to normality becomes generally comfortable for some and intolerable for others. Experts will reiterate that life is what you make of it, thereby suggesting a scenario projected in various dimensions. But in general we humans get as much out of life as we probably expect.

Above all, and unavoidable, is the experience of ploughing on until death brings the show to a close.

For some life is pointless without faith as an anchor, and the riches of Man as an Artist to draw upon fruitfully and endlessly. I would anticipate our regular readers to come from those who have founded much of their musical emancipation upon a strong desire for beauty from without drawn upon as a necessity for spiritual nourishment within. I know that 'spiritual' is a thought unacceptable to some, yet essential for others on their journey through life.

This internet publishing venture of ours celebrates its third birthday on New Year's Day. It is astonishing to us that our daily creation is now in excess of one thousand issues, stemming from an idea first seen as a trifle daunting and dangerously optimistic. We do thank our supporters and writers for their part in sustaining this project. We retain our enthusiasm and promise to maintain a magazine that provides good and varied writing about music in all its diversity.


Basil Ramsey







Copyright © 25 December 2001 Basil Ramsey, Eastwood, Essex, UK




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