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The new year as a challenge


I usually wonder a fortnight into the New Year just how many people have pulled a wry face and muttered 'Well, I did try, but...' as they reflect upon New Year resolutions already discarded and mental notes made to try harder next time round. Such a predictable state is universal, and most of us feel a trifle ashamed.

Yes, I belong to this enormous crowd, always with the same annual excuse, which invariably sparks off the feeling that next time will be easier. When this mental jousting is over there comes a touch of guilt hurriedly consigned to a dark corner of our mind.

In my case this 'dark corner' is a shanty town inhabited by the ghosts of yesteryear, already categorised by my failed personal encounters. This 'doom and gloom' mood must be eradicated, as I repeatably tell myself. Here I go again.

Should this be read by those who experience something similar at the birth of a new year, take heart that much of the population treads the same path and most of us survive.

In our case Music is a spectacular cure. It allows us to refresh our minds, it relieves pessimism, its overall effect brings back a perspective of Life nourished by Art.

Well, that is the theory and only by experience can one say yes -- or no.


Copyright © 23 January 2002 Basil Ramsey, Eastwood, Essex, UK



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