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'This is far more important than demonstrating during performance. Music is a sharing thing; and if this comes across then audiences are also pleased. I will be twenty shortly, and I don't wish to be arrogant and say I want to record this, perform that. I will just wait for it to happen and meanwhile learn all the time.' With a preference for the romantic repertoire -- Brahms, Rachmaninov, Beethoven, etc. -- programme planning follows suit. 'In Paris, I will begin with Bach's Second Suite, followed by the Dutilleux Sonata, then the Kodály. Bach's music is simple but complicated at the same time, and I can never tell which until I start to play.'

Spending time away from playing is unthinkable to young artists. 'Of course, we have to rest sometimes, but usually I am playing morning, afternoon and evening as a matter of course. Perhaps a holiday is suggested, but if my brother and I go ski-ing in the Alps during the summer, we always play in the evenings so our instruments are there with us. It's our life! It's no use taking a vacation and missing all those concerts.'

Gautier Capuçon

Times have changed since, years ago, Isaac Stern in his fifties decided to take a sabbatical away from music for one year. 'I don't think in ten or twenty years time I could do this. It is not possible, and I can't imagine it. I am living in and for music all the time.'

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