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A half world away and a century later, the influence of Busoni is firmly planted in Australia.
The music of Larry Sitsky,


Larry Sitsky is one of the foremost musicians of Australia. A composer, pianist, teacher, author and scholar, he excels in each area.

As composer he has created hundreds of works in all genres, including major operas. His setting of De Profundis by Wilde is a powerful testament, while his Violin concerto on themes by George Gurdjieff, which might remind one of the music of Alan Hovhaness, is an evocative and deeply spiritual attainment.

As pianist, and he studied with Egon Petri, Larry Sitsky has performed the standard repertoire as well as the lesser known compositions by Anton Rubinstein.

As scholar he has written on Busoni, Rubinstein, the Russian avant garde, the Piano Roll in history, all with panache and brilliance. Another book is soon to be released and yet another is planned.

He has achieved all of this while maintaining a full teaching schedule and a relentless drive towards cultural absorption. In one interview he mentioned that he read two books a week. Some of us have trouble reading two books a month!

He has written operas, like the gigantic Golem and is currently working on music for a silent film. His second symphony is also underway while his first symphony received great acclaim just recently.

Larry Sitsky


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