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Why all of this? Why this gigantic range of activities, why this diverse array of attainments?

The answer must go back to the enigmatic genius Ferruccio Busoni, who via Egon Petri, played such a decisive role in Larry Sitsky's musical life. Busoni believed that only by a wide ranging human culture can the musician rise above mere executant and become an Artist, fit to transmit his creative message. It is not enough to practice a bit and lounge about waiting for the booking agents to arrange another triumphal concert tour. The person who aims at artistic success must do more than merely practice the piano.

For this reason, a merely mechanical scientism does not provide enough fuel for the creative fire. It is no surprise to learn that Busoni was a recognized authority on the writings of E T A Hoffman, nor then that Larry Sitsky has sought inspiration form a wide variety of occult and spiritual sources. The Gurdjieff music is one, while the Fantasia No 10, played upon the Moor Double Keyboard Piano, is inspired by the teachings of Thoth of the Ancient Egyptians.

From these sources, Larry Sitsky aims to insure that magic, so frequently lost in modern music, is still present. Not simplistic magic of the New Age variety, but the magic and mystery of life in its ever abundant forms. Life is a mystery and it is in this arcanum that greatness is achieved.

There is no question that Larry Sitsky has achieved greatness.

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Copyright © 7 April 2002 Gordon Rumson, Calgary, Alberta, Canada




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