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Larry Sitsky resources

A detailed on-line biography of Larry Sitsky (Australian Music Centre)



Books by Larry Sitsky

Music of the Twentieth-Century Avant-Garde: A Biocritical Sourcebook
(Greenwood Press, Forthcoming)

Anton Rubinstein: An Annotated Catalog of Piano Works and Biography
(Greenwood Press,1998)

Music of the Repressed Russian Avant-Garde, 1900-1929
(Greenwood Press, 1994)

The Classical Reproducing Piano Roll: A Catalogue-Index
Volume I: Composers, Volume II: Pianists
(Greenwood Press, 1990)

Busoni and the Piano: The Works, the Writings, and the Recordings
(Greenwood Press, 1986)


A book about Sitsky

Larry Sitsky: A Bio-Bibliography
by Robyn Holmes, Patricia Shaw and Peter Campbell
(Greenwood Press, 1997)



A Day in the Life of a Clarinet
Performers: Daniel Herscovitch, Peter Jenkin, et al
Tall Poppies -- #86 (1998)
Vartarun, for clarinet

Sitsky: Works
Jan Sedivka, violin
Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra/Christopher Lyndon Gee
Tall Poppies -- #124 (1999)
1 Violin Concerto No 1 with female voices (Mysterium Cosmographicum)
2 Violin Concerto No. 3 (I Ching: The 8 Trigrams)

Cello Dreaming
Performer: David Pereira
Tall Poppies -- #75 (1998)
Improvisation & Cadenza, for cello

See also the list of recordings at the AMC.


Select works list

Larry Sitsky has composed a prodigious amount of music, no less remarkable given his other activities, including many articles. Here are a few compositions.


Fantasia in memory of Egon Petri, Fantasia No 1 (1962 revised c1972)
Twelve mystical preludes after the Nuctemeron of Apollonius of Tyana (1973)
Bagatelles for Petra -- 17 contemporary pieces for young pianists (c1973)
Fantasia No 7 on a theme of Liszt (1985)
Century -- 128 piano pieces for young players, in four volumes (1986)
Fantasia No 10 for the Moore double keyboard piano (1992)
E for solo piano (1997)
EII for solo piano (1997)

An online list of works, 'Masterpieces of non-standard piano repertoire', is maintained by Jim Moskowitz.


Improvisation and cadenza for solo cello (1969)
Ten Sephiroth of the Kabbalah for SATB chorus, playing some percussion instruments and three percussion players (1974)
Sonata for solo flute, No 2, The fourteen days of Bardo Thodol (liberation by hearing on the after-death plane) (1979)
De Profundis Espistola in carcere et vinculis, a monodrama for baritone, two string quartets and one percussion player, original words of Oscar Wilde arranged into a libretto by Gwen Harwood (1982)
Armenia, a suite for solo alto saxophone (1984)
Maherq, Fantasia No 6, in memory of John Crocker, for solo bassoon (1984)
Dagh for solo trumpet (1984)
Trio No 5 (Oriental), for flute, oboe and piano (1986)
Diabolus in musica, for percussion quartet (1986)
Tetragrammaton, 4 pieces for violin and piano (1987)
Secret gates of the House of Osiris (from the Egyptian book of the dead), for flute, viola, cello and piano (1987)
Necronomicon -- 18 aphorisms for clarinet and piano (1989)
Claviculis salomonis, for guitar quartet (1989)
The phantom drummer of Tedworth, for solo percussion (1990)
String quartet No 3 (1993)
Sonata for violin and piano, omnia exeunt in mysterium (1995)
Fantasia No 12 , Pashupati Nath, for solo guitar (2000)


Symphony in four movements (2000)
(plus numerous other works)


Concerto for two solo pianos (1967)
Concerto for violin, orchestra and female voices (ad lib), Mysterium cosmographicum. Text from the writings of Johannes Kepler (1972)
Kundalini, the serpent fire, concerto for trombone, keyboards and percussion (1982)
Gurdjieff concerto No 2, for violin with small orchestra (1983)
Concerto for orchestra, a completion and realization of Busoni's Fantasia contrappuntistica (1984)
Concerto for guitar and orchestra 1984
Violin concerto No 3, I ching: The eight trigrams (1987)
Concerto for piano and orchestra (1991 Rev. ed. 1997)
Sphinx, concerto for cello and orchestra (1993)


Fall of the House of Usher, one-act opera after Edgar Allan Poe (1965)
Lenz, opera in one act, after Buchner's story. Libretto by Gwen Harwood (1970)
Fiery tales, a comic opera in one act. Libretto by Gwen Harwood (1975)
The golem, grand opera in three acts. Libretto by Gwen Harwood (c1993)

This works list is derived from that provided by the Australian Music Centre, and I gratefully thank them for permission to make use of that data. For a complete list, conduct an online search at the AMC.

I would like to thank the AMC and Judith Foster, Music Resources Manager, for assistance in the preparation of this article and for graciously providing the photograph of Larry Sitsky.

Copyright © 7 April 2002 Gordon Rumson, Calgary, Alberta, Canada




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