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Born by the sea

Folk dances from Colombia,

Musicians Showcase    MS1077

Dancing in Colombia. © 2002 Quintet of the Americas


The purpose of this compilation is to portray the huge array of Colombian dances brought back to life by the Quintet of the Americas over decades: the porro [listen -- track 6, 0:00-0:50], bunde, paseo, bambuco, and pasillo. This galaxy of dances widely reflects basic human emotions. The Quintet of the Americas was founded in 1976, and celebrates its 25th anniversary with this recording.

The Quintet of the Americas

Acceptance of this simple and attractive music depends upon understanding the medium with its repertory of shortish dances, a standard rhythmic patterning, standard scoring, and stylised melodic outlines. That said, the playing is first-class, which leaves the listener liberty to select a handful of these 1-3 minute Colombian dances to suit [listen -- track 9, 3:38-4:29]. If you play the entire record in one sitting you give neither the dances nor your taste buds much of a chance.


Copyright © 11 May 2002 Basil Ramsey, Eastwood, Essex, UK



Dancing in Colombia

MS1077 DDD Stereo NEW RELEASE 47'50" 2002 Quintet of the Americas

Quintet of the Americas - Laura Koepke, bassoon, Edward Gilmore, clarinet, Sato Moughalian, flute, Matt Sullivan, oboe, Barbara Oldham, horn
José Barros (born 1915) arr F Zumaque G: El Picaflor (porro); Jorge Olaya Muñoz (1916-1995): Te sorprende? (pasillo); Alberto Castilla (1878-1937): Bunde Tolimense; Jorge Olaya Muñoz: Semblanzas (pastillo); Luis Antonio Calvo (1884-1945) arr Luis Bercerra: Lejano azul (Intermezzo No 2); Jorge Olaya Muñoz: Negrita linda (porro); Jorge Olaya Muñoz: Mujercita (bunde); Jorge Olaya Muñoz: A la costa (porro); Jose Abrajim Elcure arr F Londoño: Lo que el viento se llevó (pasillo); Jorge Olaya Muñoz: Amanecer Vallenato (paseo); Fulgencio Garcia (1880-1945) arr Julio R Gutierrez: Coqueteos (pasillo); Julio Flórez (1867-1923) arr Edmund Cionek: Mis flores negras (pasillo); Jorge Olaya Muñoz: Sumercesita (bambuco); Eduardo Cadavid Angel (1899-1938) arr Madeline Bloom: Por un beso de tu boca; Jorge Olaya Muñoz: Provincianita (bambuco)




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