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Editorial Musings with Basil Ramsey

Con moto


Thank you Glyndebourne Festival OperaThank you Howard FievelIt seems but yesterday we welcomed the new year of 2002 : already we have lived through it, hour by hour, some good, some bad, and maybe some dreadful. Nothing changes the general pattern, but some days achieve a singularity for events of note. That can prove one of the stimulating experiences we stumble upon, bestowing the joy of knowing how such times can prove momentous in our journey through Music.

Thank you David SmithHas Music in our experience generally had an average year? We probably falter unless our choices instinctively prove inherent qualities, be they serious or flippant. That raises the question of personal taste, so for some the opportunities have been excellent and for others disappointing. I have found over a period that these contrasts even out.

Thank you Jim EningerMusic has so many facets of quite distinct character to provide continuous variation and momentum. Living art can never atrophy, only the minds of individuals who misuse it. Thank you Jonathan Dockar-Drysdale Therefore, disappointment or satisfaction with music arises from our reactions. The heart -- our intimate self -- chooses. Which is probably beneficial to our favoured composers of the moment, and rather unkind to the others. But such choice is preferable to chance.

Thank you Henry LuoAll these matters are so basic as to be taken for granted, which is probably as it should be. What matters is Music, and an inherent factor lifting our sights because we eventually become instinctive in choice of that which is of quality.

Copyright © 24 December 2002 Basil Ramsey, Eastwood, Essex, UK


Thank you Terry Winter OwensIt's time to say an especially big thank you to everyone who has helped us to put Music & Vision together during 2002 - by our reckoning, that's at least 270 people. Thank you Nytorp Musik Mentioning them all here would create a huge page, so instead, this year, we've hidden some of their names here! Refresh this page to see a different set of names.

Thank you Emily GrayWe would also like to thank you, our readers, for being with us during 2002, and for some of you, during 1999, 2000, and 2001 too, and to invite you to return as often as you can during 2003!

Thank you Gerry McColl

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