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As the world is thrown into turmoil once more, we publish another selection of recent letters from our readers. Have your say now.

From: Ross Hardte, USA

'Ignoring the war'. I think you are quite right to 'ignore' the conflict in Iraq. In a world where virtually every form of the media is being politicized by one side or the other (yes, it does work both ways), it is good to find one that sticks to its mission, in your case providing information on the non-political subject of classical music. If I want to see or hear propaganda for any viewpoint on Iraq, there is an overabundance of it available everywhere.

From: Norman Morford, USA

I could not help but note that all that I read had no reference to the world situation.

It is good to have 'escapes' from the world through music, but there are also times when even the musicians must say who they are and that for which they stand in the course of human events.

This comment is not to be taken as a 'support the US' kind of statement -- it might surprise some in Europe to know that some in the US pay attention to what is being said on your continent about the war.

From: Henry Luo, China

Though obviously unfair with M&V, the message here is that no one can turn aside from the ever so grim reality of war as well as its aftermath. No one can be spared taking a stand, whatever it is, though in China we can but stand mute.

USA and UK make a point of disarming Iraq of weapons capable of massacre, but that's the kind of weapons they themselves are using in the war they named an 'Operation of Justice', to blow up thousands of Iraqi civilians, not to say those historical sites and treasures only one out of thousand cares about.

I would echo Basil Ramsey who professed himself in his recent editorial 'a passionate member of a World chorus unreservedly committed to singing of peace and love for all mankind regardless of colour or race.'

From: (name withheld), Canada

I am responding to your request for feedback upon my unsubscribing from your newsletter. Not being a professional musician, only an amateur pianist and lover of classical music, I may not be your ideal reader. From my point of view, however, I find little of compelling interest largely because of the English/European focus. I live in Toronto, and would like very much to hear about music and musicians in Canada -- or the US. Major events in Europe would be interesting, but not minutiae. I don't believe I've seen a Canadian reference yet, and not enough American.

As well (although this would never be a fatal objection), there's a tone, something off-putting -- is stuffiness the word? Lord This and Sir That and Please curtsy as so-and-so enters the room -- that I do not feel comfortable with.

From: Gordon Rumson, M&V

The letter from the 'Torontonian' lamenting the lack of Canadian news is quite funny. I'd felt I'd provided too much news from Calgary! But perhaps what this person is really lamenting is the lack of information from Toronto. Residents from this interesting locale (sometimes also known as 'The Centre of the Universe') occasionally forget that Canada extends past and beyond Yonge Street. It is a trivial lapse.

From: Marvin Rosen, USA

I do a very unique radio program out of Princeton, NJ called Classical Discoveries. It features rarely heard repertoire of all periods with an emphasis on the old and the new. The show airs on Wednesday mornings from 6:00 to 11:00 from Princeton, NJ on WPRB. The station can be listened to on line at

I will be adding a link from my website to the Music & Vision site.

From: Eva Fampas, Greece

I would like to congratulate you for the wonderful website-music magazine. And since I have noticed that Site Seeing section, to invite you to visit my website




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