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Tantamounts by the late Eric Stokes (1930-99) is a piece in three short movements for which the flutes are joined by the Meridian String Quartet. Stokes was a clever and extremely colourful composer of energetic and well crafted music as even a short extract from the final movement will show [listen -- track 17, 2:14-3:03].

Not only is Flute Force a major performer and inspiration for composers, but excerpts from their two earlier CDs are even used in the TV series Sex and the City, which seems to bear out what the ancient Greeks found so appealing about flutes and perhaps flautists too!

Copyright © 16 July 2003 Patric Standford, Wakefield, UK


flute force - eyewitness

556 Stereo 59'41" 2001 American Composers Forum

flute force: Gretchen Pusch, Sheryl Henze, Wendy Stern, Rie Schmidt (with The Meridian String Quartet, for 'Tantamounts' and Garrison Keillor, narrator and David Alpher, piano for 'Land of the Farther Suns')

David Alpher: Land of the Farther Suns (1995); Elizabeth Brown: Travelogue (1995); Robert Dick: Eyewitness (1990); Gary Schocker: Nymphs (1994); Eric Stokes: Tantamounts (1996)\


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