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Moving home and self to a new area, remote from previous experience, happens to thousands of people worldwide every day; and I wager that in most cases the experience has some deep-seated effect upon the individuals concerned. It has happened to me only a few times, yet I recall them vividly.

Hopefully for the last time in my life I'm about to move again, this time a couple of hundred miles north of my present location near London. I feel it as an uprooting like never before. Presumably the length of our days so far has a bearing on such matters.

I am not nervous of the move, especially as I am now to live with my eldest daughter, but there is some anxiety nonetheless. Nowadays, when travel for me is mostly a matter for others to arrange, I regard it simply as an adventure for which I am grateful. I hope that the coming stimulation of living on the coast in a bracing atmosphere will jolt my senses to a clearer perception of the wonders of Music.

Would any readers who have moved house to live in locations that they discover really stir their emotions care to write of their deep-seated feelings, especially if Music has now become a crucial factor in their day-to-day living?

Copyright © 29 December 2003 Basil Ramsey, Eastwood, Essex, UK




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