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These pieces demonstrate three of the main performance styles of the group and with them they show a wonderfully flexible versatility combined with fine musicianship. The final performance style is demonstrated by one of the later items on the disc, Psallat immense chorus omnis odis, which occurs in eight different manuscripts. This receives an infectious performance, with choruses which almost tempt you into singing along [listen -- track 17, 0:15-0:58].

The disc is accompanied by a fine essay, by Belinda Sykes, on Mary Magdalene. But for those interested in exploring the sources further, the booklet also includes direction to a web site [see below] which gives full details of the sources for all of the pieces on the disc.

I cannot recommend this disc too highly. Whilst demonstrating an enviable technique and welcome scholarship, Joglaresa have produced a programme which is notable for its infectious performances.

Copyright © 15 January 2004 Robert Hugill, London UK


Magdalena - Medieval Songs for Mary Magdalen

AV0026 DDD Stereo NEW RELEASE 69'06" 2003 Belinda Sykes

Joglaresa: Jennie Cassidy, voice; Caitríona O'Leary, voice; Dessislava Stefanova, voice; Belinda Sykes, voice and director; Ben Davis, medieval fidel; Riccardo Delfino, medieval harps, hurdy-gurdy and voice

Magdalena degna da laudare; O Madalena che portasti; Ave, clari generis dulcis Magdalena; Chanter voel par grant amour; Victime paschali laudes; Ortorum virentium/Virga Yesse/Victime paschali laudes; Benedicamus Domino/Victime paschali laudes; Novum festum celebremus; Istampita: Parlamento; Co la madre del beato; Hodie mater gaudeat ecclesia; Salve, pia Magdalena; O Maria Magdalena; Benedicamus Domino Magdalena; Magdalenam laude plenam; Ave, beata femina; Psallat immensas chorus; Ave, plena Magdalena; O Maria, prius via; Peccatrice nominata (instrumental); Estampie: Chançon legiere; Peccatrice nominata; O Madalena ch'andasti al sepolcro; O Maria, noli flere




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