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The second disc is altogether more adventurous, for it contains his second and third Piano Concertos (interestingly Op 44 and 45) which seem to demonstrate that being self-taught can be something of a disadvantage, for with some guidance his very atmospheric and appealling sketches might have been developed into something substantial and more durable [listen -- FJB CD 0201 track 2, 0:52-1:50].

About my Grandfather: Fred Jonny Berg. © 2002 Kornald Music

It is music that is charming but not going anywhere, precociously full of ideas without knowing what to do with them [listen -- FJB CD 0201 track 3, 0:01-0:58], attractive fragments that after a minute or so fall into banal repetition [listen -- FJB CD 0201 track 5, 0:14-1:14].

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Copyright © 30 May 2004 Patric Standford, Wakefield UK


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