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The four movement orchestral piece called About my Grandfather shows a confident handling of the instruments of the orchestra and an ability to write characteristically for them [listen -- FJB CD 0201 track 7, 0:02-0:54], but it is all quite frustrating when knowing what, with some genial counsel, it could become. Which means that Berg will probably be an outrageous success!

As it is, he has obviously gained the confidence of a very efficient soloist in Joachim Knoph, and the colourful Norwegian Radio Orchestra playing extremely well under the direction of Ari Rasilainen.

Copyright © 30 May 2004 Patric Standford, Wakefield UK


Fred Jonny Berg: Seasons of Life

FJB CD 0001 Stereo 69'30" 2000 Kornåld Music

Tom Ottar Andreassen, flute; Håvard Daae Rognli, violin; Wolfgang Plagge, piano

Fred Jonny Berg (born 1973): Violin Sonata No 1 Op 50; High Mountains of Music Op 8 (Polar Nights; Northern Lights); People of Blue Dimension Op 4a (Waltz of the Queen; Absent Brain; Nudification; Unsteady Course; Intermezzo; Persecution Mania; Crushing the Giant; Resignation); Cookery book of Kornåld Op 7 (Furious Meat; Siamese Cabbage; Born to be Popcorn; Running Fish Cake); Flute Sonata No 1 Op 40 (Moderato; Adagio; Presto); Seasons of Life Op 2 (Life in Development; Life in Prosperity; Life in Desperation; Life in Coldness); Parting Op 20b


Fred Jonny Berg - About my Grandfather

FJB CD 0201 Stereo 54'10" 2002 Kornåld Music

Joachim Knoph, piano; Norwegian Radio Orchestra; Ari Rasilainen, conductor

Fred Jonny Berg (born 1973): Piano Concerto No 2 Urge Op 44 (1999) (See; Catch; Push); Piano Concerto No 3 Monster Op 45 (1999) (Beyond; Among; Inside); About my Grandfather Op 37 (1998) (Timeless Legend; Warm by Heart; Running laps of Eternity; Not really Gone); Randi Op 27 (1997) (Heart)


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