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The Talla Vocal Ensemble -
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Talla Vocal Ensemble. Punapaula - Red Ribbon. © 2004 Finlandia Records

The eight men of the Talla Vocal Ensemble, their amazing vocal skill, unique blend and perfect sympathy with traditional singing styles make this CD a recital that can be heard over many times without tiring. There is a freshness and exhilaration about both the repertoire and the warm camaraderie of its performers that quickly infects the listener and must surely be guaranteed to delight listeners and make many friends.

It is a musical journey around the Baltic Sea and brings together Estonians like Cyrillus Kreek (who died in 1962) and Veljo Tormis, the most widely known and justly celebrated of that country's choral composers, with Bo Holten from Denmark, Nils Lindberg from Sweden, and from Finland Pekka Kostiainen and the much younger rising star Jaako Mäntyjärvi who already has pieces firmly in the choral hit parade.

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Copyright © 9 January 2005 Patric Standford, Wakefield UK


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