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'... an extrovert, highly charged composer with a vivid sonic imagination and a sure skill in orchestration.'

Meyer Kupferman: Orchestral Music Volume 17. © 2004 Soundspells Productions

The highly prolific New York composer Meyer Kupferman died on 26 November 2003 at the age of 77, leaving behind him not only a significant void in the ebullient artistic life that he radiated among his many friends, admirers and past students, but also a phenomenal catalogue of work.

This latest CD further enhances his reputation as an extrovert, highly charged composer with a vivid sonic imagination and a sure skill in orchestration. This is volume 17 in the Soundspells series of his orchestral music, a CD that once again has one of his own paintings as cover art, and contains two substantial pieces written 2003, his last year, and conducted by his great supporter Paul Freeman.

Invisible Borders is, in effect, a four movement symphony, and has all the prerequisites of sound structure and succinct musical thinking made all the more distinct by his clever handling of the instrumental colours. There is no difficulty for the listener in following the arguments or in being carried along by the strength and logic of each movement -- the first a broad and bold fantasia with some exhilarating moments [listen -- track 1, 2:43-3:52]; a brief and decisive scherzo; a slow movement that holds the music in a state of suspense; and a vigorous rhythmical finale, ending in a distinctive Kupferman blaze of energy [Listen -- track 4, 4:37-5:50].

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Copyright © 15 June 2005 Patric Standford, Wakefield UK


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